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Sri Baba handlooms were started by 1986 by a ordinary weaver's family in Arani he is a leader in the Arani handloom Sarees for past 27 years till today. They Marketed by 1997. And they provided quality hand loom products to customer satfaction of Arani handloom sarees, In Arani this shop was started as a small wholesale business by a weaver's family, a small town around in 40 k.m. away from Chennai. Now Baba Handloom is selling all type’s handloom materials and supplies to leading show room in South India. The business now developed to its traditional, trendy unique cotton and silk handloom sarees.

We are all small scale weavers, he developed new ideas of models and designs in trend with latest models. Today Sri Baba Handlooms are one of the monopoly in designs quality cotton sarees & silk sarees and other fabrics Sri Baba Handlooms have highly trained weavers with special ideas in weaving we have more than 200 weavers and all of them weaved by are expert Team, design team & quality team.
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